Available for pre-production, capture and post-production.

For the past ten years, I've been fortunate to work with a lot of extremely talented commercial photographers from Canada, the USA, Europe and Japan.

I master the art of assembling a quick, clean and organized set. I know how to create a scene according to references and how to sculpt light accordingly, with the proper tools when available (reflectors, grids, umbrellas, soft boxes) or how to improvise (tape, cardboard) when the situation calls for it.

I have handled all aspects of studio management > from reception, administration and customer service (clients, agencies, models, makeup + hair, stylists, etc) to the extended networking of other photographers, assistants, digital techs, prop artists, manufacturers, suppliers, hidden repair shops, video and film specialists. If I don't know something, I know who can get the answer that I need.

I've managed location and travel logistics. Schedules, paperwork, certificates, permits, import/export of gear, additional and/or remote gear rental, vehicle rental, meal logistics.

I'm hyper organized and have a sharp attention to detail. I keep a cool head when glitches happen - there is always a solution.

My job is to ensure that all aspects of a shoot goes smoothly. I take great pride in keeping photographers and their clients happy.


I'm proficient with MAC/PC systems and all capture/editing software (Capture One Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop). I can manage any workflow from start to finish: monitor calibration, colour profiles, setting up capture sessions, RAW adjustment + processing, on-site retouching, export and remote file viewing for clients. I know how to troubleshoot connection errors, along with software and computer crashes. My goal is to make sure that the photographer can keep shooting without worrying about technical issues.